Moving Service

Moving Options:

Whether it is long or short distance, there are so many different options now for people who need to move all their belongings. Traditional movers can get the job done quickly, renting a pod can be convenient and cost-effective, and renting a truck to load is outright the cheapest way to go. But which of these services is the best and which will keep all those prized possessions safe and sound? Well, that depends on the homeowner’s situation and exactly what he or she is willing or able to do.

If you have the means, using traditional movers is a great way to go. As long as the homeowner researches reputable movers, there should be no problem at all. They have experience with wrapping and protecting important items, they can box up what needs to be boxed, they have the muscle, and they are insured. All these traits together really make it the most hands-off move imaginable. The downside to using traditional movers, however, is that they are the most expensive option and there might be a few scheduling issues. The right movers for the job have to pay a team of professionals and have their own fleet of trucks. They put in hour upon hour of back-breaking work to make sure your items get from point A to point B. It’s no wonder they cost what they do. Another drawback is that movers are sometimes unable to work around the homeowner’s schedule. This can create scheduling problems when buying or selling a home, so if this is the option for you then book them as soon as possible. After my divorce, my husband hired a moving company Long Island that supplied boxes and even assisted him with packing for his move.

Renting a pod is another option that should be up for consideration. This is a convenient way to move a few large items over the course of a couple days. Pods can easily be scheduled for when they arrive and when they are picked up. They are also about a third of the price of hiring professional movers. The problem with this option, however, is that the possessions will be moved by someone who is not a professional mover after they have been packed by someone who is not a professional. This usually results in a mess by the time the pod arrives at its location. Another problem is that the homeowner needs an area on the street or a driveway to park the pod for a few days. Some city or suburban residential areas don’t allow pods on the street. Another problem is that these pods are pretty small when compared to a full sized moving truck, so if you are planning to move a three bedroom house then you will need at least two pods.

The last option is to just do the whole move yourself. That means renting a truck and filling it up yourself. This is probably best if the homeowner has a smaller house and isn’t moving very far. It is definitely the cheapest option. At the same time, it is the most labor intensive. Imagine carrying every one of your possessions up and down stairs, packing it in the truck, driving the truck, and then moving the boxes and furniture up and down more stairs. It makes for a very long day or two.

So which option is best? That depends on how much money can be spent and how much labor the person is willing to put in.

How to Choose the Right Movers:

Relocating is stressful enough. Starting a new job, learning where all the shops are, getting used to new neighbors, and setting up a new home is a great feat in itself. Now add to that locating and organizing for a reputable moving company to be in charge of all your worldly possessions and it just seems too overwhelming. But luckily there are a few steps that can be taken so that the right movers are hired.

First, word of mouth is still king. It is a great idea to ask neighbors, family, and friends who they have used when moving. After that, go online to find some of the moving company’s reviews. Read through as many as possible, especially all the ones and fours to see if there are any patterns on how the company conducts business. Choose to call the moving companies that have a great rating and positive comments.

The next thing to do is to meet up with the top few companies that have been selected. Choose two or three. Any more than that will just give you more work during an already hectic time. Ask the movers any questions you have, no matter how silly they might seem. Tell them all of your concerns. Ask for a quote that will not fluctuate too much once the job is completed.

Lastly, make sure the moving company is licensed and insured. This is important for if any of the items are damaged or misplaced. See what their policy is in the event of scratched or broken furniture. If the right moving company was chosen, none of these things should happen, but it does help make the moving process a little easier knowing what happens when a slight emergency happens.

Don’t make an already stressful experience even worse by not putting in a little extra time. In the end, it will end up saving you time and energy and a few headaches.

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Tips for an Easy Move:

There are three phases to think about when planning a successful move. The first involves planning and packing. The second is getting the right movers. And the third is to bring everything you need for the first night or two. If these are thought about as three distinct phases to moving, then it should be a pretty easy move.

The first is to pack strategically. Put heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. If possible, try to get just two or three different sized boxes to stuff all your belongings into. This will make it easier and quicker to load up the truck during phase two. Also, leave out anything that is sentimental, extremely fragile, or important electronics. Small and medium sized instruments are probably a good idea, too. It is usually helpful to bring these things in the car with you so they are safe and there is no chance of something heavy landing on them.

Phase two consists of hiring the right movers and then letting them do their job. If you hire a professional moving company, then there should be very little effort on your part when they actually start to do what needs to be done. Ask around or look online to get a reputable company. Then get out of their way so they can do their job.

The last part of planning a successful move is to bring everything that might be needed for when you first arrive. Before getting to the final destination, remember the bare minimums. It might help to think of it like camping. That means toilet paper, flashlights, coffee, and anything else that you might need on an overnight stay where the luxuries of home are not available. Remember, the shower is not set up yet, so soap, a shower curtain, and a few towels would probably be a great idea.

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